Subsin Triple: the feel of a BMX, the flexibility of a mountain bike

The Subsin Triple has all the same qualities as the Subsin Double: basic play bike, ultra-pro and hyper solid. But more demanding riders and adults who are looking for the feel of a BMX and the adaptability of a mountain bike will fall for the 8 gears.
The "new generation" anti-derailleur also allows it to climb hills and maintain consistent speeds on the flat, as well as regular riding in the street, park, moguls and BMX racing tracks.
The Subsin Triple is available with 24 inch wheels, giving it ultra-pro handling: you will use its full "BMX" potential. It is also available with 26 inch wheels, for better travel and better forgiveness of handling errors. 
And you're sure to fall for its sober, stylish look!

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